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Basketball Open Gym Thursday June 19. 7pm. Eisenhower

  • 18&up
  • First 24 guys
  • 7pm-8:45pm
  • Safe, Organized, & Mature 

Ultimate Co-Ed Volleyball Wednesday June 11th. 5:30pm. Eisenhower

  • 18&up
  • Co-Ed
  • Free
  • Safe, Organized, & Mature 


Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 4-8 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • Happy Hours
  • Equipment & Facilities Provided
  • Water & Other Assorted Items
  • Fun & Social Refs, Umpires & Administrators
  • Post-Game Festivities

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 Play Here! Stay Here!
 Genesee County 

Are you looking for new ways to to enjoy the summer months?

We are a social network club that maintains year around sports and activities specfically for adults.  Many of our sports take place on the field and we believe this is a great way to take advantage of the Spring, Summer & Fall seasons. We look forward to getting you on the field and court through adult sports and activities!

Are you looking for new ways to meet new people? 

Our goal is to connect cummunity members through our sports program. With 425,790 residents living in Genesee County, we want to connect those that share the same interests. 

Are you simply looking for something to do and get involved and stay physically fit? 

We offer the best experience around in both recreational and competitive Mens and Coed Slow-Pitch Softball & Basketball. We've been around for a long time and have had the same goal in mind since day 1: "To provide people a great way of engaging in competitive and fun activities."

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